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Welcome to The Svalbard Pages. Feel free to add your Svalbard or Arctic links here.
Please do not add wesites not related to Svalbard or the Arctic, they will not be added to our index.

Other Arctic Links(13)
 Links to Arctic sites not related to Svalbard
Science & Education(28)
 Science or Education links related to Svalbard or the Arctic in general
Svalbard Links(31)
 Links to Svalbard websites.
Svalbard Expeditions(4)
 Svalbard expeditions - past and future
Svalbard Homepages(18)
 Svalbardian homepages.
Svalbard Pictures(22)
 Please add only pages that points directly to pictures, galleries etc.
Tour Operators(6)
 Arranges tours for tourists in Svalbard
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